Amber + Oakmoss Body Butter

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Our rich, hydrating, and aromatic body moisturizer that nourishes and softens dry skin, including hands and feet, for up to 24 hours. Crafted with organic shea butter and sandalwood essential oil.

~Clean fragrance oils

Amber + Oakmoss Body Butter
Amber + Oakmoss Body Butter
Amber + Oakmoss Body Butter
Amber + Oakmoss Body Butter

Customer Reviews

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Amazingly Sensual

This is by far my favorite shea butter scent! Extremely hydrating and the scent, intoxicating. Definitely for the grown folks who don't want to smell like food or Bath & Body Works. Also, my husband loves this on me.


This is THE most amazing fragrance in the universe. All of BLO’s products moisturize like a dream, but this fragrance makes for the ultimate self care experience.


Found her at the Union Market pop-ups and I am hooked for life. My boyfriend loves the smell and couldn’t stay away. Bought all the scents to give to friends, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! And she’s so sweet and for my last minute a Christmas order the very next day :)

All Day, Everyday!

I use this body butter after every single day! Not only does it moisturize like no other body butter I have ever used, it smells divine! As a perfume lover, I always worry about my skincare interfering with my scent of the day but the amber is so lush, it blends with every scent I own! This is the holy grail of body butters.

Earthy, Smooth and Soothing

This body butter is another of my favorites. It has an earthy musk scent that pairs well with my body chemistry. It goes on smooth, it hydrates my skin and keeps me smelling sexy all day! That’s my favorite part LOL. You can’t go wrong with any of the body butters because they are all natural and they hydrate your skin. I am a faithful customer because I trust the products. My Skin is soft and supple thanks to Best Life Organics Body Butters. Thank you BLO!